" Dongfang  Petrochemical Project" start will be held in Haikou

  - "Dongfang Petrochemical Project "to start on the 3p.m of January 31, 2016 , in Haikou in Xinghai Bay, Howard Johnson Hotel Conference Center was held.

  - The Ganges Group President Li Jinmei Ms. delivered a warm speech to the meeting and all the guests expressed congratulations and welcome.


  - The Ganges Group, which is the project company of Hainan Dongfang Gangesand Petrochemical Co., Ltd. experts at the meeting illustrated "Dongfang Petrochemical Project "approval process, project scale, the scope of the construction and dazzling future are presented in detail.

  - Sinopec Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. deputy general manager Wang Fengyong; China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau, general manager of Hainan Fu Zi on behalf of the participating guests came to power to speak.

  - "Dongfang Petrochemical Project" start will be convened, marking the Ganges Group "Dongfang Petrochemical Project" from the approval of the project financing stage into construction project approval stage, lay a solid foundation for the realization of the Ganges Group" industrial powers "concept.


Edit: Wang Qian Xue


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