Introduction of Hong Kong Ganges Group

¡¡¡¡Hong Kong Ganges Group was founded in the pearl of the orient, Hong Kong.

With the business philosophy of ¡°High aspirations, Down-to-earth dedication,

Sincerity, and Brave diligence¡±£¬the company has been developing in a high-

speed way. So far, the company business has been involved in six major sect-

ions and over seventeen industries including energy chemical, mineral smelt-

ing, infrastructure, finance & real estate, commercial trade and health ind-

ustry, and gradually formed a diversified and professional development of b-

usiness structure.

¡¡¡¡Under the leadership of chairman Li Jinmei and president Wang Dingjia, H-

ong Kong Ganges Group Company has gradually created a diversified investment

and operating structure. There are altogether more than ten joint-stock sub-

sidiaries including Hong Kong Ganges Energy Ltd, Shenzhen Ganges Capital Ma-

nagement Ltd, Hainan Dongfang Gangesand Petrochemical Co., Ltd, Jiangxi Gan-

gespring Industrial Co., Ltd, Hainan Gangesand Industrial Co., Ltd, Fujian

Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Area Shengda Shipping Co., Ltd, etc. The

investment regions has been extended to Hong Kong, Beijing, Hebei, Mongolia,

Anhui, Jiangxi, Guizhou, Guangdong and other cities.

Hongkong Ganges Group Company