The Ganges group "health pension demonstration base" project held a grand opening ceremony in YeCheng

- __- on the morning of May 17, 2014, by the asia-pacific association of health for the Ganges river group "hainan international health pension demonstration base" project of the opening ceremony in hainan new hna tower The conference room on the second floor held a grand. The health of wei-xing zhang, vice President and secretary general Xie Jiqun, deputy secretary-general Cao Huisheng, Wu Qihu, standing director of YuHua mage, sea South province, city, district government more than a dozen leading representatives attended the ceremony.



——First, jin-mei li, chairman of the group on behalf of the Ganges welcome address, to the present leaders and industry colleagues, my heartfelt thanks to friends at home and abroad, expressed congratulations on the opening ceremony. Jin-mei li, chairman, said: "the construction of international tourism island, is the happiness of the people in hainan to build their homes, let people live in hainan. Today, by the association of Asia Pacific health gave nameboards project for us, is a new opportunity, at the same time, also to the forward development of the Ganges group provides a powerful boost".


The Ganges group chairman jin-mei li speaking

—— Next, the Ganges group member of the elite, Singapore project planning expert Dr Li Kewen is the Ganges group "international health pension demonstration base" project to introduce the professional and meticulous, Dr Li Kewen pointed out: the preparation by the Ganges river group "hainan international health pension demonstration base" project is "tries to build up a healthy BBS center with international level of communication base, international pension demonstration base and future urban core district" for the development goals of state-level demonstration projects. In various support and actively cooperate with the relevant units and experts, the project has been carried out smoothly.


Opening ceremony

—— 9:30 points, under the host announced the official start of the opening ceremony. In the process of ceremony and gave nameboards invited units first "Asia Pacific health federation vice-chairman Xie Jiqun" speech and read to the Ganges group "hainan international healthy endowment demonstration base project" and the director unit of the opening ceremony. After, conducted by the former chairman of the Chinese people's political consultative conference of hainan province and hainan province's foreign economic development, the President of the association for the advancement of Zhong Wen with the asia-pacific association of health wei-xing zhang official unveiled the plaque for the Ganges group and approved. The leaders at all levels - congratulations, end of ceremony. At the same time, the ceremony also received by the venerable old general and wide and li, director of the national development and reform commission (NDRC) clock in given the autograph of calligraphy and painting works, In token of congratulations to the ceremony a great success and sincere heart.



The interview interactive

—— Jin-mei li interview at the end of the ceremony, the Ganges group chairman, wang wei, director of the bureau of haikou city, haikou meilan district bureau bureau chief ng Ming choi, and national defense development strategy committee secretary general and widely in general accepted a host of questions together, share the to "hainan international health pension demonstration base" project analysis of the advantage and the prospect of pension industry in hainan better. Finally, successfully completed the ritual activities, the leaders posed for pictures, wish the Ganges group continue to grow in the new mileage, casting a new glory!

(Edit: Wang Qian Xue)



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