Chairman Message

¡¡¡¡On behalf of Hongkong Ganges Group Company, I shall give my sincere gratitude to both domestic and foreign colleagues, friends, and people from all circles who have paid much concerns and sustainable support to the construction and development of our company over the past years.

¡¡¡¡In China, there is an old famous saying: ¡°the sea¡¯s broadness contributes to its vastness; the mountain¡¯s thickness and vicissitudes contribute to its boldness¡±. For many years, due to our joint efforts in good governance, recruitment of qualified personnel, solidarity, and courageously fighting, our company has open up a brand-new world which shows exuberant vitality in development. We are proud of the success we have had thus far. For every one of us, it is a privilege to contribute to leading the company into a new era of growth, profitability and recognition. In Ganges group company, Gangesers believe that success comes from a relentless focus on innovation and scientific development. Therefore, we will embrace a bright future by stepping forward together, to make due contribution to the economic construction of China. Thanks again for your attention!


li jinmei

Hongkong Ganges Group Company